Upin & Ipin Demi Metromillenium

Game Developer: Les' Copaque Games Development Inc.

Join Upin & Ipin as the defend Metromillenium city from the clutches of the evil Doctor Sally and his eggs robots! You will enter the futuristic world of Metromillenium city with lots of challenges by running, dashing, sliding, and dodging obstacles and save Upin & Ipin as well as their friends along the way. Guide Sergeants Upin & Ipin through Metromillenium city and collect power coins to call upon the powerful Metrobot to defeat Doctor Sally. Finish various missions and upgrade your power-ups to help Upin & Ipin run farther on their quest and protect Metromillenium city!

Game Features

Free to play, mobile-based casual game, immersive experience with the Upin & Ipin TV Series and in-game selfie feature with the characters.

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